ISIS Hackers Publish Hit List of American Soldiers

A group calling itself the ISIS Hacking Division published names and addresses of 100 American servicemen, calling for their deaths.

Cynthia Blank,

Mightier than the sword?
Mightier than the sword?

Hackers affiliated with the terror organization Islamic State published a "hit list" Saturday night of one hundred American military personnel. 

The group, which calls itself the Islamic State Hacking Division, included names, units, addresses and photos of the service men and women from the US Air Force, Navy, and Marines. 

Calling for a "jihad against the crusaders," the post urges US supporters to kill the soldiers, who allegedly took part in bombings of ISIS targets in Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. 

"We have made it easy for you by giving you addresses, all you need to do is take the final step, so what are you waiting for? Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe."

The division claimed that it had hacked several military servers, databases and emails to gather the information on the 100 US military members. However, the New York Times reported that this did not look to be the case. 

Quoting an unnamed Defense Department official, the newspaper argued that most of the information was accessible through public records, residential address search sites, and social media. 

The Pentagon for its part announced that it was investigating the matter. 

"I can't confirm the validity of the information, but we are looking into it," a defense official said on Saturday, adding that, "we always encourage our personnel to exercise appropriate OPSEC (operations security) and force protection procedures."