Yechimovich Admits 'We Got a Slap on the Cheek'

Former Labor chairperson talks about lessons learned and need to return to 'ideology,' says Herzog is 'more compromising.'

Reut Hadar, Ari Yashar,

Shelly Yechimovich
Shelly Yechimovich
Flash 90

MK Shelly Yechimovich of Labor, whose Zionist Union joint list with Hatnua lost out to Likud in elections Tuesday by a gap of 30 to 24 mandates, responded to the results on Thursday by trying to explain her party's failure.

"We are guilty," Yechimovich admitted to the Knesset Channel. "We didn't present our message correctly. We need some self-examination."

"We got a slap on the cheek from the public on our agenda, and we need to admit it," continued the Labor MK, who was chairperson before being replaced by Yitzhak Herzog in 2013 primaries.

Speaking about Herzog, Yechimovich appraised "he has much greater abilities than me in rounding out corners and compromising. I'm a lot more pointed than him, that's clear."

The former Labor chairperson said that her party became "slaves" to the polls, which in the run-up to elections predicted Labor having a three to four seat advantage over Likud. She called for the leftist party to undertake a "return to its ideology."

When asked if she will compete for leadership of Labor again in the future, she responded "that isn't on the agenda right now."

"Certainly I won't be among those drawing knives. Our activists deserve a relief and not internal quarrels," Yechimovich concluded.

The interview, in Hebrew, can be viewed below.