Zehava Galon Set to Resign from Knesset

Meretz chair will leave Knesset after poor showing in election, allowing Tamar Zandberg to reenter.

Gil Ronen ,

MK Zehava Galon
MK Zehava Galon
Flash 90

Channel 2 reports that Meretz Chairwoman MK Zehava Galon will resign from the Knesset, based on the election results, which give her party only four MKs.

By resigning, Galon will allow MK Tamar Zandberg to reenter the Knesset.

Galon declared on Thursday that she believes she would be a good choice to serve as Education Minister in the next government.

Galon, who was responding to online questions submitted by users of the Haaretz newspaper’s website, also said that, as part of a future peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority, Israel would have to evict some communities in Judea and Samaria but would also have to take the so-called “settlement blocs” into consideration.

"Ilan Gilon could be an amazing Welfare Minister and I can be a great Education Minister and also a good Interior Minister,” she said, when asked what ministerial portfolio she would request if she ends up joining a government headed by Yitzhak Herzog.