Make Aliyah as a Mensch

Discover from a Nobel Prize winner how a gifted Israeli acts as a role model to the Diaspora.

David Lev & Hillel Levin,

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Shechtman (file)
Nobel Prize winner Daniel Shechtman (file)

We interview a renowned international Nobel Prize winner and learn what it means to be a Mensch, and also discuss making aliyah (immigration to Israel) in a dignified way.  

Professor Dan Shechtman discovered the icosahedral phase, which opened the new field of quasiperiodic crystals.Shechtman was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the discovery of quasicrystals," making him one of six Israelis who have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

However, the road to success was often paved with almost open hostility. This exclusive interview reveals an interesting insight into the Israeli pysche, when having to deal with international challenges.

From an aliyah perspective, it underlines the perseverance one needs to successfully reach one's goal in not only moving to not the Jewish Homeland, but also to integrate into Israeli society with dignity and pride for all that Israel is capable of achieving. The second half of our show explores this theme in greater detail.

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