Temperatures on the Rise, But Rain Isn't Over Yet

Thursday morning will be rainy but skies will clear later in the day; trend likely to continue throughout Sunday in north and coastal plain.

Cynthia Blank ,

Rain (file)
Rain (file)
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Cold winter temperatures are steadily disappearing, but the rain is not over yet. 

Thursday morning will be rainy across Israel, with widespread flooding expected from southern and eastern rivers. 

However, throughout the rest of the day, precipitation will calm, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures across the country. 

Rain is also expected Friday morning, but mainly in the north and the coastal region. Later in the day, the rain will stop, and skies will be partially cloudy with a slight increase in temperatures. 

Saturday will also see a slight increase in temperature. Expect it to be a warm and comfortable Shabbat. 

On Sunday, though, temperatures will drop minimally, but will still be comfortable. Again there is a slight chance of rain in the north and along the coast. 

The maximum temperature forecasts (in degrees Celsius) for Thursday are as follows: 

  • Golan Heights - 17 
  • Northern Hills - 13 
  • Sea of Galilee - 22
  • Haifa - 18
  • Tel Aviv - 19
  • Shefela - 19
  • Jerusalem - 14
  • Beersheva - 17
  • Negev Desert - 13
  • Eilat - 22