Conversion Auth. Visits Bnei Menashe Immigrants

660 members of the Indian Bnei Menashe tribe immigrated to Israel in 2014, where they will undergo conversion by Israel's Chief Rabbinate.

Yoni Kempinski,

Conversion Authority Visit
Conversion Authority Visit
Laura Ben-David/Shavei Israel

2014 was a record year for Bnei Menashe Aliyah (immigration to Israel) from India.

Some 660 members of this Lost Tribe of Israel were brought home to the Jewish state by the Shavei Israel organization – the most ever in any 12-month period – and more are expected to follow this year.

Upon arrival, the immigrants are housed at Shavei Israel’s private absorption facility in Kfar Hasidim, outside Haifa, where they undergo conversion by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate.

In light of the growing wave of Bnei Menashe Aliya, officials from Israel’s Conversion Authority decided to visit the site and get a first-hand look at the operation.

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