Young Artist Unveils 'A Moving Musical Experience'

Avishai Rozen may only be 16, but his name is already established; second album has him with famous Israeli musician Rami Kleinstein.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Avishai Rozen
Avishai Rozen
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Avishai Rozen, 16, made his name as a star of the child choir "Kinderlach," after starting his studies in music at the tender age of five.

Learning piano at seven and drums and vocal development at ten, at 12-and-a-half he released his debut album "Give me a Sign" that garnered great media attention.

Now Rozen is working on his second album, with the aid of famous Israeli musician Rami Kleinstein.

Kleinstein said of Rozen "I met a young and talented creator. A writer of texts and melodies who showed maturity and ripeness. This was a moving musical experienced that can be felt in every part of the album. This is a great album."

A song from the upcoming album can be heard here.