Israel Embassy Reveals German Anti-Semitism

'I'm happy Hitler destroyed you'; just a sample of daily racism directed at Israel's ambassador to Berlin.

Ari Yashar,

Anti-Israel demonstration in Berlin (file)
Anti-Israel demonstration in Berlin (file)

The Israeli embassy in Germany, led by Ambassador Ya'akov Hadas, has decided to come forward and reveal the shocking German anti-Semitism it is subjected to on a daily basis.

Channel 10 reports that a Berlin newspaper this week published a video of Hadas reading to reporters anti-Semitic letters sent to the embassy every day, which have swelled in number in the months since Operation Protective Edge to at least 20 letters and e-mails daily.

"Israel murders," "I'm happy Hitler destroyed you," and "humanity will live in peace when the last Jewish rat is in a grave" are just a small sampling of the racist screed being directed at the embassy.

"This phenomenon started on the background of the violent events last summer (the Gaza war - ed.), and it continued with everything happening in Europe and the attacks against Jews in Paris and Copenhagen," Hadas said.

The ambassador made clear "this is not criticism against Israel at all, but rather a cover for something deeper - anti-Semitism. In the German public there are those who take advantage of freedom of speech and opinion to say such things."

However, he added that there are encouraging signs as well, noting that after the video of him reading the letters "we received hundreds of response e-mails of support, identification, and expressing shame and contempt for this phenomenon."

The incident comes amid a legal battle after a German court ruled that Arab terrorists who firebombed a synagogue should be released from custody, claiming they acted out of anti-Zionism and not anti-Semitism - the Jewish community is petitioning.