'Iran Sends Arms of Terror All Over the World'

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon denounces 'awful deal' being formulated with Iran - a 'messianic regime' bent on destroying Israel.

Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank,

Anti-Israeli activity in Iran
Anti-Israeli activity in Iran

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon threw his own opinion on Iran into the mix Monday night, warning of the dangers the emerging agreement between Iran and Western powers poses to Israel's security. 

"The agreement with Iran, as it is being formulated now, is a great danger to world peace and threatens Israel's security," Ya'alon stressed. 

Calling it the main cause of instability in the Middle East, Ya'alon noted that Iran "send arms of ruthless terror all over the world in order to attack Western and Israeli interests."

"Therefore any agreement signed between the West and this messianic and apocalyptic regime will severely hurt Western and Israeli interests, as well as allow Iran to become a nuclear threshold state and continue its terrorist activities."

"This is the most dangerous regime out there," Ya'alon continued, "and we must not blink or ease up. The Iranian regime is the problem, not the solution. 

"Iran has approached these negotiations during a time of great concern, as they struggle with weakness and economic collapse as a result of sanctions imposed on the country."

But, Ya'alon added, the "awful agreement being formulated now" could change all that. It will allow Iran "to extricate itself from an economic blockade and also continue to enrich uranium."

The Defense Minister stressed that Israel was not willing to compromise the security of any of its citizens. "We will work in every way possible, and we will speak on every stage to show the danger [an agreement with Iran] poses. 

"The Prime Minister will do so next week in his important address before Congress," Ya'alon concluded.