Arad: Mass Protest on Lack of Employment in South

Hundreds of factory and municipal workers take to the central square bringing southern city to standstill over work shortages.

Oranit Etzer, Ari Yashar,

Protests in Arad
Protests in Arad
Histadrut Labor Union Spokesperson

Hundreds of workers from the Tarkovot Brom Factories belonging to the ICL Industrial Products group, Dead Sea factories, Arad municipal workers, committee members and workers of various other factories in addition to residents of the region are launching a massive protest on Monday in the southern city of Arad.

The workers are demonstrating and blocking the central square at the entrance to the Negev city, in protest of the poor employment situation in southern Israel.

As part of the demonstration, which was initiated by the Histadrut labor union, public activities in the city are to be disrupted until 12 p.m.

Municipal services are on a complete strike by workers, aside from the school system. The city telephone service center is only dealing with urgent issues for the time being.

Due to the protest, Highway 31 has been closed from Tel Arad to the Dead Sea. Police are redirecting traffic to Highway 80.