Children Harass Jewish Visitors to Temple Mount

New tactic: Islamists encourage kids to shout 'Allahu Akbar', wave PLO flags in faces of Jewish visitors to Temple Mount; police do nothing.

Uzi Baruch, Cynthia Blank ,

 Arab children harass Jews on Temple Mount
Arab children harass Jews on Temple Mount
Yoni Kempinski

As is commonly the case, a group of Jews who ascended the Temple Mount Sunday were forced to endure provocation and harassment at the hands of Muslims - an all too common occurrence on the Mount.

What was surprising, however, was that instead of the "usual culprits", this morning's disturbances were caused by Arab children, seen chanting "Allahu Akbar" at Jews, shouting insults at them and waving the PLO flag in their faces. 

The "Hozrim LaHar" (Returning to the Mount) movement condemned the new crop of harassers, noting that, "the children rioting on the Temple Mount are undergoing a stage to become terrorists."

"In a few years we will see the same faces stabbing soldiers and running over civilians," the organization said, alluding to a spate of terror attacks across Israel, but particularly in Jerusalem, in recent months. 

"Police must stop the children now before it is too late," Hozrim LaHar warned. 

A man named Yair, who witnessed the incident said that "it seems the terrorists don't have enough money to hire older women to provoke Jews ascending to the Mount, so they moved on to employ children to do that job."

Recently investigators from the Shin Bet and elite police unit Lahav 433 exposed two organizations - "Al-Fajr" in Nazareth and "Muslim Women for Al-Aqsa" in Jerusalem - who finance Islamist thugs and rioters on the Temple Mount. 

The so-called activists come daily to the Temple Mount and stand in the area designated for visitors and tourists. When groups of Jewish visitors arrive, the activists use both physical and verbal violence against them.  

According to Hozrim LaHar, the police did not question or arrest any of the children involved in this provocation.