Gilat Bennett: I'm Scared, Leave Naftali Alone

Naftali Bennett's wife writes personal appeal on her Facebook page outlining violence against her husband and asking it to stop.

Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank,

Naftali and Gilat Bennett
Naftali and Gilat Bennett
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Gilat Bennett, the wife of Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett, responded to the decision Thursday to increase security around her husband in the wake of threats to his life. 

"I'm scared," Bennett wrote on her personal Facebook page. "For months I begged them to increase the security around Naftali, but he told me to leave it alone. No one listens to me!! I also know they're not telling me everything, but the little of what I saw was enough."

"Swastikas sprayed on his face on signs throughout the country," Bennett began to list, "punching him in the back at the Haaretz Conference last year, violent people with hatred in their eyes coming to Jewish Home conferences, screaming words of hatred."

"I see their plans on Facebook, and I know these are not just innocent activists, rather members of well-funded radical left-wing organizations. I see the enthusiasm of their violence when they burst into his conferences (and then go whining to their friends in the media."

Indeed, just last night a group of LGBT leftist activists broke into a Jewish Home conference. A brawl ensued, which the activists blamed on Jewish Home supporters, after one of the activists raised the LGBT flag. 

"Last night he called me from the car and told me that he wasn't allowed to enter one of the conferences organized for him because it was 'too dangerous' for him to enter," Bennett continued. 

"They return to all the conferences!! They lurk outside waiting for him, then get in his face screaming hateful words - it's violence like I don't ever remember seeing before." 

"I suffer from it all," she opined, "the lies spread against him in recent months, the differences in political opinions. But this recent wave of violence against him scares me." 

"As the police aren't doing anything, his security isn't doing anything, and the media are talking about the weather, I ask you to please leave Naftali alone."