Arutz Sheva interview
Why Young Israelis Don't Care About the Elections

Superficial politicians, frightened schools - one expert says this is why the young generation is disconnected, and why Knesset must change.

Benny Toker, Ari Yashar ,

High school holds mock elections
High school holds mock elections
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Israel has been in election fever with near daily polls and constant jockeying for position between the political parties, but one expert says the younger generation is completely disconnected from the approaching March 17 vote because of how superficial the Knesset has become.

Arutz Sheva spoke with Yigal Galai, director of a public relations office who established a Facebook group called "Bohrim Larishona" ("Voting for the first time"), which is meant to encourage young first-time voters to exercise their democratic right and take to the ballot boxes.

But Galai reveals young voters have no motivation to take part in what they see as the Knesset political circus.

"This is a trend of several years, they don't understand the meaning of the matter, at school and at home they aren't encouraged (to vote)," said Galai. "They also are witnesses to a superficial discourse that focuses on trifles and mudslinging, and it's no surprise these are the results."

What would it take to get the younger generation interested in influencing the direction of the country? According to Galai, it would first require a change in the Knesset itself.

"If the politicians were more serious and attentive to the public the reality would change," he said. "Today you feel that there isn't a serious discussion in the elections, maximum they talk about the Prime Minister's Residence. These youngsters need to understand that the future of the state depends on them."

Another cause of the problem lies in the schools, which avoid discussing politics and consequently avoid encouraging voting.

Galai appraised that "schools recoil from dealing with politics, they fear being seen as encouraging this side or the other, and here I call on them to show more courage. So what if there will be arguments and debates, only in this way will the young generation be more involved."