Yadlin Blasts 'Weak' Gov't for Op. Protective Edge

'Wide range of options' against Hamas were never utilized during the war, Yadlin states during campaign visit.

Tova Dvorin ,

Amos Yadlin
Amos Yadlin
Flash 90

Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin, who is the Labor-Hatnua list’s candidate for Defense Minister if that list heads the next government, accused the government of being too "weak" against Hamas, Channel 10 reports Friday. 

"This government is weak against Hamas - instead of beating them vigorously, [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu chose to conduct negotiations with them," Yadlin stated, while touring with the Labor party in Ashkelon.

"Operation Protective Edge should have been much more painful to Hamas and include a fatal blow to its military capabilities and leadership," he continued, slamming Netanyahu for 'lack of leadership' and 'indecision.' 
Yadlin vowed to conduct future campaigns differently, if he were to become Defense Minister. 

"As defense minister, will make sure that no one in Hamas will feel safe, and the next operation will be short, focused and very traumatic to the other side," he said. 

"Between the full retaking of the Gaza Strip, as [Avigdor] Liberman and [Naftali] Bennett proposed through a lack of responsibility last summer, and what happened during the Operation - there were a wide range of options that were not utilized."