ISIS Claims to Have Caught Israeli Arab Mossad Spy

ISIS publishes supposed interview with Jerusalem Arab who joined Mossad and went to find info on the terror group in Syria.

Ari Yashar,

Captive (illustration)
Captive (illustration)

Islamic State (ISIS) made an as yet unverified announcement on Thursday claiming to have captured an Israeli Arab from Jerusalem who was recruited by the Mossad.

While numerous Arab citizens of Israel have illegally entered Syria through Turkey to join ISIS and other rebel factions, this would be the first time that Mossad sent a spy through such channels.

The ISIS magazine Dabiq claims the Mossad spy's name is Mohammed Said Ismail Musallam, a 19-year-old who reportedly told the propaganda magazine that he was recruited by his Jewish neighbor who was a police officer.

"He came to me one day and asked if I want to work for the Israeli intelligence," Musallam was quoted as saying "I told him that I would think about his offer."

The officer met with his father and brother as well according to the magazine, and reportedly said "I was encouraged by them who told me that it would be a good job with plenty of money. At this stage I realized that the two of them were also Israeli spies."

In the alleged confession Musallam named the Mossad agents who approached him as Eli and Miro, saying "I was told to be sent to Syria. I was put in a house, paid a monthly salary of 5,000 shekels while they took care of my daily needs and of the documents I would be using."

Musallam said he underwent training in weapons and communication as well as how to hold up under investigation in a Mossad intelligence facility he called "Anatot" in eastern Jerusalem for a month.

Allegedly his mission was to infiltrate ISIS and get information on weapons storehouses, as well as to identify Arab ISIS members from Judea and Samaria.

He was suspected by one of his commanders according to the magazine for unusual behavior, and asked to go home fearing he was exposed at which he was told "it's too late now" and then captured.