Jerusalem May See Snow Next Thursday

After a pleasant warm weekend, temperatures are expected to drop significantly Sunday, bringing rain, and maybe even snow to capital.

Orly Harari ,

Jerusalem in snow
Jerusalem in snow
Mendy Hechtman/Flash 90

The weather forecast for next week shows signs of volatility. 

This weekend will be unusually warm with relatively high temperatures for the season. But it looks like that will change on Sunday. 

A substantial cold front is expected to come in, with both rain across Israel and snow in the Hermon, with the snow even making it to Jerusalem next Thursday. 

According to weather reports, Thursday will see a rise in temperature and a drop in humidity. However, tonight there will be winds in the north of country as well as in hilly regions. 

Friday will be partly cloudy with a significant increase in temperatures. It will be both hotter and drier than normal for the seasons. Eastern winds will be felt in the north and mountains. There is also a chance of light haze. 

Saturday will be partly cloudy during the day and will see temperatures begin to drop. Again, there is a chance of light haze, and light rain during the evening. 

On Sunday, temperatures will drop substantially to even lower than what is normal for Israel's winter season. There may also be light rain in the north and the coastal plain.