Ya'alon: Strike on Assad Targets 'Clear Message'

Defense minister threatens 'heavy price' on Assad regime and terrorists, following IDF strike on Syria after Hezobllah Golan rocket attack.

Ido Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar ,

Moshe Ya'alon examines Syria from Golan (file)
Moshe Ya'alon examines Syria from Golan (file)
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Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) commented on the IDF nighttime strikes on Syrian artillery, which was a response to the two rockets fired by Hezbollah terrorists from territory controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad which struck the Golan Heights on Tuesday afternoon.

"The air force strike tonight on territory controlled by Assad in Syria against targets of his regime is a clear message, that we will not allow any fire on the territory of Israel and breach of its sovereignty, and that we will respond with force and firmness," said Ya'alon.

He continued "as the Assad regime is responsible for the fire from his territory on Israel, we will know to collect a heavy price from any regime or organization from whose territory our sovereignty is breached and fire of this or another type is conducted on Israel."

"We don't intend to just move on and be tolerant towards terrorist activities and attempts to harm our citizens and soldiers. We act with restraint and firmness, with responsibility and consideration to preserve the security of citizens of Israel against countries and terrorist sources whose goal is to disrupt our lives," concluded Ya'alon.

In the attack on Tuesday afternoon, the IDF confirmed that two rockets had been fired at Israel, one hitting the Hermon region and the other in El Rom. The IDF responded by firing at the sources of fire, and reported that it destroyed the rocket launchers.

A senior security source revealed shortly afterwards that the rockets were launched by Hezbollah from Assad's territory.

Likewise, IDF spokesman Peter Lerner said in a text message the Syrian fire was "intentional, not spillover from the Syrian civil war."

Then shortly after midnight residents in the northern Golan Heights were roused by rocket sirens, although no missiles were located as having fallen in Israeli territory.

The rocket fire follows reports aired less than 24 hours before that the IDF has been building trenches along the Syrian border ahead of possible escalation, after an airstrike reportedly conducted by Israel in the Syrian Golan Heights killed a senior Hezbollah commander and an Iranian Revolutionary Guards general last Sunday, along with several other Hezbollah terrorists.

Hezbollah responded by vowing an attack on Israel, but made clear it does not want another full-scale war.