Rabbi Lau: Special Merit for Tel Aviv Bus Driver

Driver Herzl Biton was a messenger sent to save lives in Tel Aviv attack, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi says Wednesday.

Yishai Karov,

Chief Rabbi David Lau
Chief Rabbi David Lau
Flash 90

Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, spoke with the son of bus driver Herzl Biton, who was seriously wounded on Wednesday while fighting terrorist Hamza Mohammed Hassan Matrouk as he stabbed passengers.

"All of Israel prays for his recovery, along with all those injured in this difficult attack," Rabbi Lau said.

The Chief Rabbi told the family that their father, who risked his life fighting with the terrorist, ultimately saved the lives of many passengers that opened the doors of the bus as he struggled. 

"We believe that everyone who saves a Jewish life saves the entire world, and Herzl was a messenger for a mitzvah to save the passengers and we believe and pray that he will recover soon with all the other wounded," he said. 

The stabbing attack on a number 40 line bus in the heart of Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning has left at least 12 wounded, three of them seriously.

Biton, who is very seriously wounded, called his superior at the Dan bus company moments after he was stabbed and asked him to take care of his children if he dies.

The terrorist, Hamza Matrouk, reportedly stabbed Biton first, and this prevented him from opening the bus's doors to let the passengers escape. The doors were reportedly opened by one of the passengers.