Likud Announces Launch of Anglo Campaign

Netanyahu's push for comprehensive electoral reforms is seen as attractive for olim from western democracies.

Arutz Sheva staff,

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Likud Party c
Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Likud Party c
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The Likud party has officially launched an “Anglo” campaign division, designed to engage voters from English-speaking countries. The effort, ehich will be managed by professional consultants Elie Bennett and Jeremy Wimpfheimer, will have the specific goal of increasing the number of Anglo voters who place the Likud ballot in the ballot boxes on March 17.

Estimates are that over 100,000 registered voters identify themselves as “Anglos.” According to the Anglo division, large percentages of Anglos are reported to base their votes on considerations linked to their western origins – a factor which often leads them to support larger and more stable parties like the Likud.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently declared his intention to push for comprehensive electoral reforms that would heighten governmental stability – an issue that Likud sees as being of great importance to those accustomed to the political systems of western democracies.

The Likud plans dedicated events and opportunities for English-speakers allowing them to directly engage with the party’s candidates and create a conversation on issues of importance to Anglo voters. Significant attention will be paid to social media platforms to enable direct communication between voters and party representatives.

“Presenting a specific campaign for Anglos is the truest indication of how the Likud appreciates the interests and perspectives of our community in the parliamentary process,” said Ari Harow, the Likud Campaign Manager. “The Likud has proven itself as a party that embraces the traditions and values that many of us from the West cherish most and we believe that this will further strengthen the party in the next Knesset.”

“Only a large party not beholden to smaller sectorial factions will allow for a stable government and ensure the Israeli public that they won’t find themselves back at the ballot box in two years,” Harow explained. “Anglo voters realize that the Likud is committed to passing this vital electoral reform which will undoubtedly improve the security and economic wellbeing of all Israelis.”