Dichter Also Appeals Likud Primary Results

Days after Hotovely filed an official appeal with election commission, her main obstacle to a realistic spot, Dichter, does so as well.

Cynthia Blank ,

Avi Dichter
Avi Dichter

The drama surrounding the Likud party's primary results chugs along - almost two weeks after the actual day of voting. 

Four days after Deputy Minister of Transportation Tzipi Hotovely, filed an official appeal with the Likud’s election commission, Avi Dichter, who was elected to the 20th position on the Likud list, did the same. 

After a close race, it was determined early last week that former minister Avi Dichter defeated Hotovely for the 20th spot by only 55 votes. 20,892 Likud members voted for Dichter, while 20,837 voted for Hotovely, according to official results.

Because of Likud's policy of appointing representatives from different areas of Israel, Hotovely has been relegated to the unrealistic 26th spot. 

In a statement, Dichter charged that during the elections there were "criminal actions, fake envelopes, disappearing ballot boxes, forgery, and abuse of status by powerful people to force citizens to vote as they please." 

Filing his appeal Monday, Dichter noted that several polling stations across the country "suffered from many serious flaws, bordering on criminal, that have cast a terrible stain on the entire movement. I can't accept this position until these flaws are sorted out." 

According to Dichter, at one of the polling stations in Jerusalem, "double envelopes cast by 700 residents of Judea and Samaria were counted tightening the gap between Dichter and Hotoveli from 754 to 55 votes." 

These results, Dichter argued in his appeal "are criminal. We're speaking about envelopes brought in the day after elections by foreign entities, who have an interest in influencing the election." 

His appeal also claims that only two thirds of the votes in Yarka were counted after one of the ballot boxes disappeared. Thus, at least 105 votes to Dichter were not counted. 

The Likud politician's lawyers are asking the election commission for a recount of ballots from Yarka and to cancel the results from problematic polling stations - or to announce new primaries altogether.