Samaria Prepares for Snow Storm - and Free Skiing

Binyamin council deputy head explains how painful lessons have been learned from last storm; residents to enjoy snow this time in sleds.

Benny Toker, Ari Yashar,

Hadas Parush/Flash 90

As a major snowstorm projected to hit Wednesday bears down on Israel, Binyamin Regional Council deputy chair Yisrael Gantz on Tuesday said that the painful lessons have been learned from the destructive storm last winter, which left millions without power and cost millions in damage with record snows.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the deputy head of the regional council in Samaria said "throughout the year lessons from the last storm were implemented, the electric company closed lose ends in communities so that even if a line falls there's a line from a different angle, even if a power pole collapses there's a parallel power pole."

"Massive generators of the electric company have also been placed and they are ready to be activated," said Gantz. "Also in terms of water there are generators of the Mekorot company that will back up the reserves."

The Binyamin deputy head added "I really hope that the snow will be a positive experience this time, we've acquired dozens of sleds from the (ski) site on (Mount) Hermon and when possible we will open ski sites in Eli, Ofra and Talmon. The skiing will be free."

According to Gantz the preparations to plow snow from the roads are unprecedented, as he noted that a large array consisting of dozens of plows have been dispatched to all the major routes.

"All of the schools were inspected, the education systems and the lists of residents are updated," said Gantz. "The generators are enormous, (on) huge trucks with lots of gas that provides (electricity) for no short amount of time, and in this way we are better prepared."

After having discussed the preparations Gantz talked about the approaching storm, and estimated that the snow will be different than last year.

"Last year in Binyamin there were 60 hours of snow, this year they're estimating short periods, but we still don't know about Motzaei Shabbat (Saturday night - ed.) and onward" in terms of continuing snow, said Gantz. 

"In any case, according to the estimations the snow will start in the morning, and therefore already tonight all the students living in dorms will be sent home, and a decision will be reached regarding classes in the elementary schools," continued Gantz.