North Korea's Internet Back Online

Pyongyang's network back after hours of outage; cause of cyber-blackout still unknown.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Internet Blackout
Internet Blackout
Israel News photo: Flash 90

North Korea's internet is back online, cyber-experts at the New Hampshire-based Dyn stated to Reuters overnight Monday/Tuesday.

Jim Cowie, Dyn's chief scientist, added, however, that it is unclear whether North Korea's internet will stay online as before. 

"We're yet to see how stable the new connection is," Cowie stated. "The question for the next few hours is whether it will return to the unstable fluctuations we saw before the outage."

The outage in North Korea Monday night comes three days after the FBI said that Pyongyang was behind a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, which exposed Hollywood secrets, destroyed data and caused the studio to cancel the release of “The Interview,” a comedy about a fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The hackers rendered thousands of computers inoperable and forced Sony to take its entire computer network offline.

President Barack Obama said last week that Sony Pictures Entertainment had suffered significant damage and vowed to respond, though he told CNN on Sunday that he considered the attack "an act of cybervandalism," not war.

North Korea warned Sunday that any U.S. punishment over the hacking attack on would lead to a retaliation “thousands of times greater.”