Meretz Head Calls Bibi ‘a Dybbuk’

MK Zehava Galon employs demonic term, says these elections must be the last ones in which Netanyahu contends.

Gil Ronen ,

MK Zehava Galon
MK Zehava Galon
Flash 90

Meretz chairwoman MK Zehava Galon said on Saturday that the upcoming elections must be the last ones in which Binyamin Netanyahu contends.

“Bibi is the dybbuk that has overtaken Israeli society. His shadow is floating over our heads for almost 25 years and I believe his time is up,” she said at a public interview in Givat Shmuel.

"Dybbuk" is a Yiddish term that refers to a demon that possesses a person and must be exorcized.

“For the country to go back on track,” she said, “there is a chance of putting together a center-left bloc coalition that Meretz will be a partner in. It is not enough that [Herzog] and Livni create a government, but that a strong Meretz will be at its left.

“This will be a center-left coalition that will lead Israel to a path of hope,” she stated.