Hevron Resident Fights Back against Rock-Throwers

Arabs threw rocks at an IDF jeep and a school bus, but when they attacked activist Noam Federman, he fought back.

Gil Ronen,

Noam Federman
Noam Federman
Flash 90

Ultra-leftist B'tselem has published an edited video shot by an Arab resident of Hevron, showing a Jewish resident of the city as he came under attack by rock throwers. The Jew, nationalist activist Noam Federman, jumps out of his car together with a passenger, and begins to throw rocks back at the attackers. At one point, he also takes a carton of eggs from the back of an Arab-owned commercial van and throws it on the ground.

Leftist Israeli news media presented the video as proof of “settler violence,” but judging by reader reactions to reports on the Channel 2 website, an overwhelming majority of the viewers approved of Federman's actions.

Federman told the Hakol Hayehudi website that the incident took place at a time in which Hevron is experiencing a spike in Arab terror attacks, including multiple daily incidents of rock throwing, and the use of firebombs and fireworks.

While the video that was circulated by B'tselem has been “censored,” he explained, the full video is in the police's possession and it shows that the ambushers attacked an IDF jeep, a school bus and two vehicles carrying Jews before attacking Federman's car. While all the other vehicles – including the military jeep – fled the scene, Federman stopped his car and fought back.

Federman said that as he tried to throw rocks back at the Arab attacker who fled, he heard an Arab man tell the driver of the van – “Let him pass, and then we will run him over.”

"I heard that and I carried out preventive measures, before they carry out car attacks,” he added. Throughout the incident, Federman insisted, rocks were also being thrown at him from rooftops and nearby fields.

The video at the top of the article is a shortened version of the B'tselem video, uploaded by Hakol Hayehudi after additional editing. The video posted by B'tselem can be viewed below.