Bennett: Challenge is Elections, Not Faction Fight

Jewish Home chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett praises Arutz Sheva - and appealed for party unity.

Moshe Cohen ,

נפתלי בנט
נפתלי בנט
ערוץ 7

On a visit to Arutz Sheva Tuesday, Jewish Home chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said that he appreciated the work the site was doing in spreading the truth about the situation in the Land of Israel to readers in Israel and abroad. “Arutz Sheva is an amazing site that presents the truth clearly about the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel, without blinking or veering from its course.

“Something good is happening in Israel,” he told site manager Uzi Baruch. “In the past there was a monopoly on the media here, but today the public is able to speak out. You are very active on Facebook. In the end it is the people who will decide the fate of the country, not 200 members of a 'central committee.' We represent millions of people who believe in our rights to the Land of Israel and are not afraid to be counted.”

Concerning reports of tension between factions in the party – with rumors that the National Union faction could drop out of Jewish Home – Bennett said that there was no choice but to run as a single unit.

“We are doing this not because we want to gain a seat or two. I hope and believe that my friends in the other factions will not drop out because they did not get the extra Knesset seat they sought. Right now the big contest is outside the party – the upcoming elections – and we must work together to preserve our nation. In the past, these kinds of breakups have been tragic.”

Asked whether the next post he would seek would be Defense Minister, Bennett said that he would not discuss future events before they took place. Experience and unity, he said, would lead to an increase in influence, and this is what the party must concentrate on.

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