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Hit and Run Attack At Kikar Adam

An Arab ran over a policeman and a civilian in Samaria; the vehicle was found abandoned a few hundred meters away.

Ido Ben Porat, Cynthia Blank,

Kikar Adam
Kikar Adam
Flash 90

An Arab man driving a stolen car ran over a policeman in Kikar Adam near Binyamin before fleeing the scene, security forces said Monday night. The officer sustained minor injuries in the suspected attack. 

An initial investigation shows that Border Patrol officers from Binyamin stopped the vehicle for inspection in the square. In the middle of the inspection, when the the driver was being questioned by police, the car took off. 

The officer's foot was run over and the police motorcycle hit. Both the driver and the policeman were slightly injured. 

Security personnel began to chase after the vehicle. The passengers managed to escape, and the vehicle was found abandoned a few hundred meters away. Police believe the car was stolen from somewhere in the center of the country. 

IDF and police forces have begun to search for the drivers of the hit and run attack. 

Despite an initial report which suspected this may have been a terror attack, police are now maintaining this was a criminal incident and not one motivated by nationalistic reasons.