Rivlin and Edelstein Bid Farewell to Gideon Sa'ar

After resigning from Knesset, Sa'ar met with Pres. Rivlin: 'Gideon embodies two integral qualities of a leader - freshness and experience.'

Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank,

Minister Saar
Minister Saar
Israel news photo: Flash 90

President Reuven Rivlin sat down with outgoing Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar, Monday afternoon, in a farewell meeting of the Likud party following Sa'ar's resignation from the Knesset. 

''Gideon Sa'ar embodies two integral qualities of a leader - youth and freshness together with experience," said Rivlin.

''He reminds the government of difficult periods - he has served as the Minister of Education, the Minister of the Interior, a member of Knesset, the chairman of the coalition, and chairman of committees in the Knesset -  he is the fiber of a democrat. Such a person should be making decisions."

Sa'ar said he was ''happy to come to the President's official residence and meet with him. I am proud of my contribution in helping Ruby Rivlin to be elected President and consider it part of my public duty." 

Saar filed his letter of resignation with Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Monday morning, after officially resigning from the government Sunday. 

Sa'ar announced he was leaving politics after the holidays, in mid-September, citing personal reasons: "In the past two years, against the backdrop of changes in my personal life, I have decided to take a break from public life. It is difficult for me to leave."

While delivering the letter to Edelstein, Gideon Sa'ar said: "This is a very emotional day. After 12 years and four terms in the Knesset, in which I was privileged to serve this country, I submit my letter of resignation from the 19th Knesset today, and start on a new road. There is always tomorrow."

MK Yuli Edelstein responded: "I'm always happy to see you but not under these circumstances. We'll talk more today about all your accomplishments, of which there are many, but it is clear that the Knesset is losing one of its best parliamentarians today. You were a great parliamentarian who also served as an example to others."

Sa'ar replied with a smile: "Maybe we'll meet again", to which Edelstein also replied with a smile, "I instructed the staff to always let you into the building if you come, because maybe you'll decide to return..."