Watch: Faith and Resistance at the Site of Terror

Spirit of Israeli defiance caught on camera at the site of last night's brutal terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Ari Soffer,

Paramedics arrive at the scene of the attack
Paramedics arrive at the scene of the attack
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

After the tragic murder of three-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun in last night's terrorist attack in Jerusalem, many Israelis - and Jews worldwide - are still trying to come to terms with such an act of cruelty.

Indeed, how does one respond to the murder of a tiny child, whose parents waited eight long years to conceive only to have their daughter stolen from them after just three months by an adherent of a genocidal ideology, whose leaders wasted little time in gleefully celebrating the slaughter?

An answer, perhaps, can be found in an astonishing video shot at the scene of the attack not long after. In it, a group of Israeli youths assembled and did something remarkable - they danced.

Faith amid tragedy:

More precisely the youths - most or all of whom appeared to hail from the religious-Zionist community - were joined by several passersby as they waved an Israeli flag and sang that iconic Jewish anthem of faith and defiance: Anachnu ma'aminim bnei ma'aminim, ve'ein lanu al mi lehisha'en ela el Avinu shebashamayim, which translates as: We are believers the children of believers, and we have no one to rely upon but our Father in Heaven.

The message was clear and emotive, and expressed the spirit of dogged resistance that Israeli society has built over decades of similar atrocities and attempts to drive them from their homeland.

The man who recorded the remarkable scene, Uri Pilichowski, only recently made aliyah from the US, and had rushed to the site of the attack after witnessing the pandemonium which followed.

"As we get closer to our stop I am apprehensive about what I’ll see;" he wrote in an blog describing his emotions. "A mangled stroller? A bloodied sidewalk? I’ve been to terror sights before, they are gruesome."

"I turn from feeling helpless to anxious, but as the train pulls in I hear….singing. High School Torah students are singing in a circle waving large Israeli flags, singing, “We have no one to rely on but our Father in Heaven.” My soul is alight with feeling, my spirit is restored. Faith in the spot of terror."