First Female Druze Officer in Israel Police

Faten Nassraldin, 34, first female Druze to become a platoon commander and receive an officer's rank.

Tova Dvorin ,

''לתרום למדינה כמה שיותר''
''לתרום למדינה כמה שיותר''
צילום: חטיבת דובר המשטרה

Faten Nassraldin, 34, from Dalit El Carmel, is expected to soon become the first female Druze officer in the Israel Police, the corps announced on Tuesday. 

Nassraldin began her tenure at the Israel Police four years ago, in the Criminal Investigations division in Zichron Ya'akov (near Haifa).

But on Tuesday, she received her post and pin as a platoon commander, at a ceremony at Masada. 

"I decided to become an officer myself because I wanted to contribute as much as possible to the country and to the police," Nassraldin stated. "I came here to prove to everyone and myself that I can succeed."

Nassraldin hails from a family with a history of police work, and she spent her childhood summers at work with her Superintendent father instead of at summer camps. 

The Druze community in Israel, which is Arab but not Muslim, is known throughout Israel for serving in the IDF, especially in combat units, although a minority of northern Druze is pro-Syrian.

Several Druze soldiers are now senior commanders, such as Big. Gen. Rassan Alian, who bravely returned to the battlefield after being severely wounded during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. There are numerous Druze in the Israel Police, including officers, but Nassraldin will be the first female Druze officer in the force.