Silent Intifada: Firework Attack in Jerusalem

Video shows multiple launches of potentially lethal fireworks at Jewish enclave overlooking the Temple Mount on Mount of Olives.

Gil Ronen,

Maaleh Zeitim protest (file)
Maaleh Zeitim protest (file)
Yishai Fleisher

A video apparently shot and uploaded by Arab activists Sunday night, showing multiple launches of fireworks at Maale Hazeitim, is making the rounds on Facebook. Maale Hazeitim is a Jewish neighborhood on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Temple Mount.

Local terrorists also attacked Maale Hazeitim around 3 p.m. last Friday, targeting Jewish residents with fireworks and rocks.

The fireworks caused a fire in the nearby brush, which spread quickly but was extinguished by the residents and private security guards before the fire department showed up.

Ten days ago, local terrorists attacked a day care center in further testimony to the ongoing "silent intifada" in the capital.

Three weeks ago, a school bus was attacked with rocks and paint, almost causing it to veer off the road, in what residents report is a constant ongoing reality of attacks on the same buses at the same locations which police somehow are unable to prevent.