Three Hurt in Jerusalem Gas Station Blast

Gasoline fumes may have caused the explosion that 'miraculously' left gas tanker unharmed.

Yoni Kempinski, Gil Ronen ,

Gas station blast
Gas station blast
Jerusalem Fire and Rescue

Three people were lightly hurt Monday morning as a result of a blast that occurred at a Paz gas station on Hahoma Hashlishit street in Jerusalem, not far from the Old City.

Magen David Adom emergency rescue teams tended to the injured and evacuated them to hospital.

The reason for the blast is not known, but one suspicion is that it was caused by leaked gasoline fumes that ignited and exploded.

MDA paramedics Netanel Azulai and Naftali Geter, who were first on the scene, said:

"The place looked like the scene of a terror attack. There was great damage and the Yellow [convenience] store was destroyed. Nearby, a gas tanker stood, mircaulously undamaged.

"At the same time, large MDA forces arrived and we began to search for casualties. We found three who were lightly hurt. One is a man aged about 55 who had stood next to the fueling pumps. Another, a woman aged about 40, was inside a car that was damaged by a door that flew and crashed into her car in the explosion. A third is a man aged about 30 who was going out of the store. They were suffering from dry bruising and one also suffered a blow to the head.

"They were evacuated in light condition and were fully conscious.”


Photos: Jerusalem Fire and Rescue