Watch: ISIS's Professional 'Training Camp' in Iraq

Expanding territory, expanding organization: ISIS training camp appears to use professional instruction in latest 'step up' for terror.

Dalit Halevy, Tova Dvorin,

A fighter of the Islamic State (ISIS)
A fighter of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Islamic State (ISIS) is getting more and more professional as time goes on, new footage reveals.

The propaganda arm of Islamic State has released a video Saturday documenting one of its training camps in Ninawa city, just 108 km (67 miles) from Mosul - a center of ISIS territory the group seized earlier this year. 

Map: Ninawa - 108 km (67 miles) from Mosul, in ISIS territory Google Maps

In the video, hundreds of terrorists are shown - seemingly after completing a basic training course - building their skills in four areas: self-defense, physical fitness, weapons proficiency, and strengthening religious faith.

It is evident in the footage that the self-defense training is being run by professional instructors although not in the most professional manner. One of them can be seen kicking each terrorist in the stomach to test abdominal strength. 

The training camp is fraught with danger as well.

Among other things, students practice crawling under live fire, as shots are fired point-blank by the instructor in a "training exercise" to rescue wounded terrorists. 

In another scene, a cleric, lecturing the students, stressed the importance of Jihad and the desire to die for Allah's way, which will "reward all who sacrifices his life for Islam." 

ISIS's professional capacity seems to have expanded along with its territory over the past several months. 

As the group has taken large swathes of Iraq and Syria - and launched campaigns along the Lebanese and Turkish borders - so too has its propaganda campaign expanded, to both a large social network recruitment system and even a full-length feature film

The terror organization's aims may be expanding, as well. On Friday, one military expert estimated that ISIS may seriously be evaluating bioweaponry, specifically, using the latest Ebola outbreak as a weapon against target cities or countries.