Arab Prisoner Threatens 'ISIS Will Conquer Israel'

Arab woman inmate charged for husband's 'honor killing' screams 'I am ISIS' on Yom Kippur in 'joke.'

Nir Har-Zahav,

Terrorist prisoners (illustration)
Terrorist prisoners (illustration)
Flash 90

A 29-year-old Palestinian Arab woman, serving eight years in prison on charges of being involved in her husband's "honor killing," capitalized on Islamic State (ISIS) hysteria Sunday by simulating a stabbing and claiming the group would "take the whole Land of Israel."

The woman interrupted Yom Kippur services for Jewish inmates by screaming "I am ISIS!" and mimicking a gruesome murder by the group.

She reportedly also told fellow inmates that the jihadist organization would take over Israel, sources told Channel 2, before being carted away to be put in solitary confinement. 

The prisoner later claimed she "has no interest in anything to do with terror or terrorism" and said that the outburst was a "joke." Israeli prison wardens decided to take her seriously, however, and she is pending legal action over the statements on Tuesday. 

Attorney Moshe Shochetman, who is representing the prisoner, argued Tuesday that the trial is mere "unnecessary hysteria." 

"It is inconceivable that what was expressed which was joking, without any real intention behind it, has become a baseless accusation for an indictment of support or sympathy for an extremist terrorist organization," he fired. 

"We are talking here about someone who, by all accounts, is doing well and is high-functioning," he continued. "Despite being a Palestinian in an Israeli jail, she has acclimated to prison. This has nothing to do with terrorism or her background."

"This is an injustice," he added. "I expect the Prison Service to refrain from further disciplinary action." 

The Israel Prison Services responded to inquiries about the case by simply stating that the prisoner was "moved to solitary confinement pending an investigation" and that "substantial legal action would be taken." 

The incident surfaces amid heightened hysteria over ISIS, both in Israel and across the globe. 

Israel, in particular, is concerned over rising support for the terror group in Israeli Arab communities, which have flown ISIS flags. Likewise, two Israeli Arabs have been arrested for being involved with the group - one for possessing propaganda and one for physically fighting for ISIS in Syria.