Livni: 'Jewish Home Endangers Israel'

Livni claims that the Jewish Home party is more dangerous than Peace Now. Jewish Home: She should vent her frustrations on the Palestinians.

Yedidah Ben Or and Cynthia Blank ,

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
Flash 90

Relating to the current controversy over Peace Now's dubiously-timed publication of housing construction in Jerusalem, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said this afternoon (Thursday) that the conduct of the Jewish Home Party endangers Zionism and Israel more than the radical-left NGO and may prevent the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

In an interview with Israeli radio station Reshet Bet, Livni claimed "those who declare their opposition to the two-state solution worry me more than the organization Peace Now, which publishes reports on settlement construction." 

Livni added that if the Jewish Home wants to save Jerusalem and the so-called "major settlement blocs" for Israel as part of a future agreement with Palestinians, political wisdom would be avoiding action that in her words could erode the support of the international community for Israel. Jewish Home opposes Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

Livni's comments were made in response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's attack against Peace Now, after the group released the information that Israel had approved building in Givat Hamatos in Jerusalem, shortly before his meeting with President Obama.

The Prime Minister claimed in a conversation with Israeli reporters at his hotel in Washington, that the publication of Peace Now was an act of "national irresponsibility." 

It is not the first time Livni has lashed out at the Jewish Home party, led by Economics Minister Naftali Bennett. Last month, the Justice Minister branded the faction as "a party based on deep ideological and religious ideas which will never allow Israel to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians."

The Jewish Home Party issued a sardonic response to Livni's remarks: "Saying goodbye to the concept of the two-state solution is indeed difficult, but it is better for Ms. Livni to vent her frustration towards the Palestinians who engage in terrorism, rather than attack the Jewish Home, who is trying to repair the damage."