Flowers for Hamas?
Burson-Marsteller, Muslim Brotherhood - And Hamas

Facebook post shows PR giant Burston-Marsteller's new 'progressive' Tunisian client is a leading Hamas supporter.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Al-Ghannouchi and Meshaal
Al-Ghannouchi and Meshaal
INN: Facebook

The world's largest PR firm, Burston-Marsteller, made the headlines last week when it was discovered that the firm had rejected Israel as a client. Although the PR firm attempted to rebut the story, it had to backtrack and Ronn Torossian, a frequent contributor to Arutz Sheva who exposed the company's rejection of the Jewish State, has published a second op-ed , where he states once again that “No Amount of Spin Can Change the Facts: Burson-Marsteller Norway CEO Rejected Israel”.

And whereas Burson-Marsteller’s statement claims in part that their client, Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannushi - leader of the Ennahdha (Renaissance) Party, the Tunisian Branch of Muslim Brotherhood - is “widely regarded as one of the most progressive in the Arab world,” it is clear they did not check their clients’ Facebook page.

A photo from Ghannouchi's Facebook page, which may be viewed here, tells a different story. He is seen with Hamas head Khaled Meshaal, smiling and holding out a bouquet of flowers. The inscription on the bouquet reads "The Ennahda Party welcomes the Struggler Khaled Meshaal.” 

The message below the photo reads, in translation:

"Thursday, Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannushi [met] with Professor Khaled Meshaal, the head of the political Hamas movement, where he congratulated him on the victory by the people of Gaza against Israeli brutal aggression, which lasted for about two months, which killed more than 2000 martyrs and thousands of wounded and the right to wide destruction of property.

"Sheikh Rashid hailed the steadfastness of the people of the private sector in the face of repression and stressed that all freedom lovers in the world stand with the Palestinian people's just cause and condemn the Israeli aggression and call for the prosecution of those responsible for the war crimes committed by the Israeli army against the people of Gaza.

"For his part, Mr. Khaled Meshaal expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Government and people of Tunisia on the solidarity they have shown with their brothers in Gaza and stressed that the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their resolve is ongoing in spite of the sacrifices and difficulties.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Mr. al-Ghannouchi, who has called for the murder of U.S. troops abroad, will be speaking at Yale University on Tuesday.

Torossian notes that Mr. Al-Ghannouchi was a founding trustee and board member of a group that signed onto a notorious 2004 fatwa endorsing the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq and has personally urged the Muslim world to “burn and destroy” U.S. interests across the globe.

Al-Ghannouchi was previously banned from the US for his support of Hamas. Now, he has hired PR giant Burson-Marsteller, considered particularly close to the Obama & Clinton camps, as his public relations firm.  

Burson-Marsteller's corporate owner, communications services group WPP is headed by Martin Sorrell, a London Jew who is a friend of Israel. It is highly unlikely that he knows about its new client and the actions of its Norway branch.