How Did WWI End in Palestine?

Skipping to the end of the Great War that began 100 years ago..

Lenny Ben-David ,

Surrender of Jerusalem
Surrender of Jerusalem

World War I began 100 years ago in the Middle East  with the Turkish assault on the British-held Suez Canal.

Let's skip to the end and view how the war concluded in Jerusalem in December 1917. 

The British forces stalled in their attempt to capture Palestine through Gaza.

But - A daring attack across the desert to Be'er Sheva in October 1917 opened the path to Jerusalem. The picture on the main page and above show the surrender - note the white flag.

Click here for more on the surrender of Jerusalem to two British army sergeants. 

The Middle East fighting continued until October 1918, after major battles in Megiddo, Jericho and Damascus.

Turkish troops arriving in Jerusalem from nearby positions, before fleeing the city 
(1917, stereograph photo, Monash University archives)

British General Edmund Allenby's arrival in Jerusalem via the Jaffa Gate after the city's surrender (1917, Library of Congress)

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