IDF Forces Return to 'Abandoned' Southern Town

Council member says she is still worried about why soldiers left Gaza border town unguarded, credits media exposure for forcing return.

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IDF soldiers (file)
IDF soldiers (file)
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One day after it was revealed that IDF forces had quietly abandoned the Gaza border community of Netiv Ha'asarah, Nahal Brigade soldiers have returned once again to guard the town.

But Penina Rogolski, a member of the local council, says that she is still concerned the error could repeat itself.

"We have still not yet received any explanation from the military with whom we have a good and close connection with," she told Arutz Sheva.

And although heartened by the return of some of the IDF forces which had left, she insists that "it only happened because of all the publicity" which surrounded the incident.

Rogolski explained that her community could not afford to take chances.

"We are well aware who is stationed here and what his role is. All the (IDF) forces are accompanied by the local security officer, who takes them into the the area and coordinates activities with them. 

"In this case there was an error in which they removed soldiers without any coordination. My assessments is that there was confusion and not orders from above (to leave). But this also worries me, because if we had not made a noise, it's not certain that this gaff would have been rectified."

She says that despite all they have endured the residents of the region had returned to their routines.

But the community is concerned about its plans to expand, which have been hampered by the hostilities and continuing uncertainty over how long the ceasefire will actually last.

"Before (Operation) Protective Edge we sold 71 housing units... within three days," she says. "Now when we come to the construction stage there is a serious doubt whether all the buyers feel secure enough to build."