MK: Zoabi Should Get Checked Out

MK Alex Miller suggests that MK Hanin Zoabi undergo a psychiatric evaluation after she took part in a pro-Hamas rally.

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Hezki Baruch and Elad Benari,

MK Alex Miller
MK Alex Miller
Flash 90

MK Alex Miller (Yisrael Beytenu) suggested on Saturday night that MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Miller’s comments came a day after Zoabi, along with other Arab MKs, participated at a Hamas "victory rally" in which she said that Arab Israelis were Palestinians and even sung the Palestinian anthem.

“The long time support for terrorist groups reflects more than anything the split personality of Hanin Zoabi. On the one hand she is elected by the citizens of Israel and on the other hand encourages the destruction of Israel, from which she makes a living. This is not an ideology, but a deep psychological issue. It's time for her to solve her problems and go get institutionalized,” Miller said.

Friday’s march, which was sponsored by the Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel, took place in the Galilee’s Kafr Kabul. The opening assembly featured a moment of silence for the Palestinian Arabs - terrorists and civilians - killed in Gaza, as participants bore Palestinian flags. 

More than just a show of solidarity for Palestinian civilians, the rally seemed to attract many pro-Hamas and pro-terror officials, including all three MKs, leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel and convicted terrorist Sheikh Raed Salah, and Raam-Taal MKs Ibrahim Sarsour and Masoud Ganayem. 

"We are part of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, which failed all Israeli targets, both military and political," Zoabi boasted to reporters at the scene. "The victory of the Palestinian people is still occupied, however, and we cannot break it by force - only through a just political solution and ending the siege and the occupation."

"We cannot separate [as Israeli Arabs - ed.] from the resistance of the Palestinian people, it is part of us," she continued. "Thus, they will end the resistance only when there is an end to their oppression, and you cannot break them in their steadfastness."

Zoabi has been linked to Hamas on multiple occasions, and is infamous for provocative speeches, including one in which she said that Israel has “no right to a normal life” and a later address claiming that “the Israeli occupation” was behind the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria.

More recently, Zoabi wrote an article encouraging Hamas on the terror group's website, and was briefly handcuffed during violent pro-Palestinian protests in Haifa.