EU Calls For Ceasefire to Lead to 'Two State Solution'

EU says comprehensive agreement, not return to status quo, needed in Gaza; calls for end of blockade and full Hamas PA unity government.

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European Pres. Martin Schultz, Mahmoud Abbas
European Pres. Martin Schultz, Mahmoud Abbas
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The European Union (EU) on Wednesday welcomed a long-term ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza, calling for more talks to bring a "comprehensive and sustainable agreement."

"Simply returning to the situation before the latest conflict is not an option," said a statement from the bloc's diplomatic arm, the European External Action Service (EEAS).

"A sustainable agreement should address all the root causes of the conflict and bring fundamental change to the situation in Gaza," added EEAS.

It is worth noting that Hamas as early as two weeks ago stated clearly that its intentions of accepting a truce are so as to plan the next terror war on Israel.

The EU added that "a durable peace can only be achieved through the resumption of the Middle East peace process, leading to a two-state solution."

US Secretary of State John Kerry's push for a peace agreement between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel were torpedoed in April, when the PA signed a unity deal with the terrorist group Hamas.

Indeed, the EU welcomed that unity deal, despite the fact that Hamas is on the EU's list of terrorist organizations. That listing specifically includes both "Hamas" and "Hamas-Izz al-Din al-Qassem," meaning that both the military and governmental branches of Hamas are recognized as terror groups by the EU.

The EU likewise on Wednesday called for an end to the blockade of the terror haven of Gaza, a unity government between the PA and Hamas in completion of the process begun in April, and lastly, the cessation of rocket fire from Gaza.