Cameron Urges Netanyahu to Take 'Difficult Steps'

British Prime Minister David Cameron says both Israel and Hamas will need to take “difficult steps” to reach a long-lasting ceasefire.

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Cameron and Netanyahu
Cameron and Netanyahu
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British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke by telephone with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening, and said both Israel and Hamas would need to take “difficult steps” to reach a long-lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

“The Prime Minister reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself and said he hoped that discussions in Egypt would result in a permanent ceasefire,” said a spokesperson on behalf of Cameron.

“The Prime Minister emphasized that both sides would need to take the necessary but sometimes difficult steps to achieve that goal, and that a genuine peace deal was the only way to allow Palestinians and Israelis to live alongside one another, free from terror,” added the spokesperson.

A 72-hour ceasefire was extended on Wednesday night for another five days, as the sides continue to hold talks mediated by Egypt on a long-term truce.

Hamas violated the 72-hour ceasefire hours before it was set to expire at midnight, then continued firing rockets even after an extension of five days was announced.

Israel responded by launching airstrikes against several terror targets in Gaza, and Hamas then threatened that Israel “would pay” for “violating the ceasefire”.