Testimony: Israeli Forces Besiege, Kill Terrorist

Border Police elite force employs 'Pressure Cooker' technique against a wanted terrorist near Shechem.

Arutz Sheva,

Elite soldiers in urban warfare training
Elite soldiers in urban warfare training
Israel news screenshot: IDF

A member of an elite Special Forces team that eliminated a Fatah terrorist this morning has given firsthand testimony of the operation Monday.

Border Police combat fighters from the elite Yamas unit, accompanied by the IDF, eliminated a terrorist who was suspected of carrying out several gunfire attacks, after he holed up in a home in Samaria.

The fighters arrived near midnight Sunday night and empoyed a procedure known as Pressure Cooker against the suspect. They began exchanging fire with the terrorist. A few hours kater, he was dead.

Two Border Policemen were lightly wounded by ricochets in the incident.

The terrorist, Zakaria Musa Akra, 22, resided in the village of Kabalan, near Shechem. He was suspected of firing at the IDF on July 30, wounding an IDF officer, and of involvement in additional terror attacks. He was located through intelligence work by the Judea and Samaria police and other elements.

The combatants who handled the siege were careful not to harm innocent civilians. Weapons that were used by the terrorist were located inside the house after he was eliminated.

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