Mega-Event for Anglo Olim to Host Southern Israeli Businesses

Yearly 'Event for the Anglo Community in Israel' to host several businesses from the embattled south in show of solidarity.

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Rocket damage in Sderot (file)
Rocket damage in Sderot (file)
Flash 90

The Event for the Anglo Community in Israel - a yearly mega fair for Anglo olim (immigrants to Israel) - will be hosting several businesses from Southern Israel this Thursday, Aug. 14 at Binyanei HaUma in Jerusalem.

These vendors will be presenting their crafts and sharing their personal experiences, including the challenge of living and working under constant rocket fire.

As the premiere resource for English and French speaking olim to Israel, The Event will feature nearly 150 vendors and many informative workshops to help olim break down the barriers for life in Israel.

"This is the perfect opportunity for the Anglo community to come together, once again, to support our brothers and sisters in the South, who have been faced with an extremely difficult summer," said Gidon Katz, Vice President of Business Development of IMP Group Ltd, the organizer of The Event 2014. "We hope you will join us in showing residents of Southern Israel our warm support."

For more information about The Event or to register, and to apply early and skip the queues, please visit