Brazilian Woman Discovers Her Husband is Her Brother

A Brazilian woman who tried to find her long-lost birth mother discovered that her husband is actually the brother she never knew she had.

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Uzi Baruch,

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A Brazilian woman who went on a quest to find her long-lost birth mother recently discovered that her husband of seven years was actually the brother she never knew she had.

TIME magazine reports that the shocking discovery was made after the woman, Adriana, located her parent with the help of a radio program that specializes in finding lost relatives.

Adriana and her husband, Leandro, had known they’d both been abandoned by their birth mothers at a very young age. Adriana, 39, hadn’t seen her mother since she was 1, and Leandro learned at 8 that the woman he thought was his mother was, in fact, his stepmother.

The two got together ten years ago, after Adriana moved back to her hometown in the wake of a failed marriage, and had a child together; neither of them, however, gave up the quest to find their birth mothers, and last month Adriana reached out to Radio Globo’s “The Time Is Now”, reported TIME. On air, Adriana’s mother disclosed that she’d also had a son whom she’d left - Leandro.

Adriana apparently told Radio Globo that she and Leandro planned to stay together.

“Only death is going to separate us,” she was quoted as having said.