Yoko Ono to Light Lennon Memorial to Promote Regional Peace

The octogenarian widow of former Beatle John Lennon believes that with a little light, she can inspire peace in the Middle East.

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Yaakov Levi,

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono, the octogenarian widow of former Beatle John Lennon, is concerned over the “the loss of so many lives of innocent children in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict” - and as her contribution to resolving the Middle East conflict, she will be lighting a memorial in Iceland, called the Imagine Peace Tower.

The Tower was built by Ono to commemorate Lennon and his seminal song “Imagine,” which describes a world at peace, with conflicts due to class, religion, and race a thing of the past. The Tower is located on located on Viðey Island in Kollafjörður Bay near Reykjavík, Iceland, and consists of a tower of light projected from a stone base, which has the words “Imagine Peace” carved into it in 24 languages.

The Tower's lights consist of 15 searchlights with prisms that reflect the light, allowing its lights to be seen from hundreds of kilometers away; on a clear night, the lights can reach an altitude of at least 4,000 meters. It uses only 75 kw of energy.

The Tower is usually lit only several times a year – during the Christmas season, on John and Yoko's birthdays, and on the anniversary of John Lennon's murder in late March. Usually the Tower is left lit all night long only on the latter two occasions, but to express her sadness at the situation in the Middle East, Ono will leave the Tower lit all night Thursday as well. By lighting the Tower, Ono said, she was “hoping that the violence will stop immediately.”