Terror Alert Revoked in Tel Aviv

A phone call alerted police to the possibility that a terrorist may try to get into the city.

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Yaakov Levi,

Ayalon traffic snarl.
Ayalon traffic snarl.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

For the second time in one day, a major terrorist alert was revoked after several hours. The first alert, in the Gaza border area, saw police closing roads and turning away drivers, while the second one, in the Tel Aviv area, had police setting up roadblocks, causing major backups on the principal roads into and out of the city.

Police had set up the roadblocks around Tel Aviv over concerns that a terrorist was trying to enter the city. A report on Channel Two said that police had received a phone call saying that a terror attack may be imminent.

Police said that the caller claimed he was a resident of Hevron who had snuck into Israel in order to carry out a terror attack. However, he said, he had changed his mind, although there might be others involved in the plot.

Sources said that police get calls like this “all the time,” and usually reach the conclusion that they are hoaxes. But after two terror attacks in Jerusalem Monday, the sources said, police were not taking any chances.