UN: Gaza Losses Over $5 Billon

According to UN officials, Gaza sustained at least $5 billion in damage as the IDF fought back against Hamas terror rockets and tunnels.

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Israeli airstrikes in Gaza
Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

According to UN officials, Gaza sustained at least $5 billion in damage over the past month and a half of IDF shelling and ground action. In an interview with the Palestinian Authority news agency Ma'an, the PA's Labor Minister, Dr. Mufid Al-Hasayena, said that the PA would be appealing to interactional donors for funds to rebuild, and demanding that Israel fund construction efforts as well.

The $5 billion relates only to physical damage to buildings and infrastructure, he said. It does not measure personal losses. Few Gazans had home insurance, and there was no way to estimate the amount of losses Gazans sustained. The $5 billion sum was likely to rise significantly as the scope of losses becomes clearer, he said.

According to Hamas, some 10,000 housing units were completely destroyed during the war, with another 30,000 partially damaged. Some 400,000 Gazans are homeless.

Reporters in Gaza said Sunday that they had observed UN staff questioning Gazans on their losses, recording information on their homes and property that was damaged. Israeli officials said that the UN was likely to demand reparations from Israel for repairs in Gaza.