Thousands Attend Emotional Funeral of Lt. Hadar Goldin H"yd

With tears and fond memories of his remarkable life, family, friends, and ordinary Israelis bid farewell to Hadar.

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Yaakov Levi,

Hadar Goldin's funeeral
Hadar Goldin's funeeral
Arutz Sheva

Thousands of Israelis mourned and came together to remember the life of Lt. Hadar Goldin h”yd, who was laid to rest in Kfar Saba Sunday afternoon. Streets were closed in much of Kfar Saba as Israelis from around the country thronged to the city's cemetery, where the young officer's father, brother, and fiancee praised his life, generosity, bravery, and example as a role model to community youth.

Attending the funeral were Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, who is a relative of the Goldin family, along with Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, MK Danny Danon, and Bar Ilan University President Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

Hadar's father, Dr. Simcha Goldin, told listeners that “Hadar was special, a fighter with a golden personality. For those who would seek to emulate him – act decently and do not hate each other.” Dr. Goldin recounted how Hadar never allowed a curse word to pass his lips, and never allowed the members of the Bnai Akiva chapter he led to do so either. “This is his legacy, and anyone who knew him knew this was important to him.

“For those of you who came today to seek who he was, his desire was that you should walk a straight path,” Dr. Goldin said. “Hadar found a way to smile and be pure at all times. Remember his radiant smile, that is the proper way for people to interact with each other.”

Tzur, Hadar's twin brother, said that between the two, “no words were necessary to know and understand. We were perfectly connected. I will not give up – we will both live and never separate. My life is your life, and your life is my life. The secret of love is with you, with us. No one can match your inner strength, your spirit,” said Tzur Goldin. “Your dreams will continue to come to pass.”

In a phone call to Hadar's parents, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier said that “Hadar was a legendary figure, a very brave young man. I know you are going through terrible suffering, but know that in his death the Nation of Israel is able to fight for its independence.”

The family connection between Goldin and Ya'alon was kept under wraps until the IDF Rabbinate declared that Hadar had been killed. In a Twitter message earlier Sunday, Yaalon wrote that he knew Hadar since he had been born. “He and his fellow soldiers who fell in battle were fighting to restore peace to Israel. I embrace the families.”