Hebrew U Researchers Find a Different Kind of 'Tunnel'

Israeli geologists have discovered and mapped the deepest and longest cave ever found in Israel.

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Moshe Cohen,

Deep in the cave
Deep in the cave
Boaz Langford

While the IDF has been searching out and destroying terror tunnels dug by Hamas terrorists into Israel, Israeli geologists were discovering and mapping another kind of “tunnel” - a cave that has turned out to be the longest one in Israel.

The cave, in northern Israel, was discovered and mapped by the cave research section of the Geology Department of Hebrew University. The University has been sponsoring cave exploration for over 40 years and has mapped thousands of caves. It is led by Professor Amos Frumkin.

The cave, 187 meters below ground at its deepest, is not only the longest found – it is also the deepest. It was discovered by a resident of the northern town of Shetula, near the Lebanese border, who informed the Hebrew University team about the cave. The team began exploring it and hit its deepest point last week.

Geologists believe that northern Israel contains much deeper caves, as several as deep as 600 meters have been found in south Lebanon.