Watch: IDF Soldiers Celebrate Shabbat in the Middle of Combat

Even amid fierce fighting, Jewish soldiers find the time to celebrate Shabbat in Gaza.

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IDF soldiers welcome Shabbat in the middle of
IDF soldiers welcome Shabbat in the middle of
IDF Spokesperson's Office

Despite engaging in heavy fighting amid perilous circumstances in the Gaza Strip - where Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists are relying on sniper fire, booby-traps and suicide bombers to inflict casualties while avoiding face-to-face combat with the IDF as much as possible - Israeli soldiers still found the time to celebrate Shabbat.

In the video above, a soldier can be seen (via night-vision) reciting kiddush - the blessing over wine (or grape juice) which Jews recite to usher in the Jewish Sabbath on Friday evening.

The video, published by the IDF's Spokesperson's Office, appears to have been recorded on the same day as Hamas terrorists broke a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire by attacking an IDF force in Gaza. Three soldiers were killed in total, including Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, who was initially believed to have been abducted by the terrorists, but who was later declare killed in action by the military.

Fighting continues in Gaza as IDF sources say they are close to completing one of Israel's primary missions there: locating and destroying Hamas's "terror tunnel" network into Israel.

Saturday saw a limited redeployment of troops, as forces pulled out of some Gaza neighborhoods, but Prime Minister Netanyahu described it as a tactical move, and said the army would not leave Gaza until its objectives were completed.