Video: Manila Motorcade Drives to Support Israel

Vibrant motorcade includes tens of vehicles - all showing solidarity with Israel and its struggle against Hamas.

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Tova Dvorin,

Pro-Israel rally (illustrative)
Pro-Israel rally (illustrative)

A lively motorcade drove through Manila, Philippines last week, in a vibrant show of support for Israel and Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

Tens of vehicles drove through the Manila city streets, donned with Israeli flags, posters, and even models of the instruments in the Holy Temples in Jerusalem (e.g. a golden menorah). 

Participants waved Israeli flags and blew the shofar to show their solidarity.

At one point in the footage, the motorcade appears to be questioned by police; the motorcade is nonetheless allowed to continue. 

Israel has particularly close ties with the Philippines. In 2013, there were at least 30,000 Philippine citizens living and working in Israel, and possibly tens of thousands more; several thousand have received Israeli citizenship.

In November, the IDF sent a special aid delegation to the Southeast Asian country, after a storm displaced over 900,000 people and flattened several communities. 

The delegation treated nearly 2,500 people in a matter of days, and was well-received by Manila.